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  1. RdGreenMusik says:

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  2. Aaron Johansen says:

    I need money

  3. dmitri senda says:

    hey guy. the first link in the video comes up as page not found. just to let you know. will buy 2 of your books on the first.

  4. noemi7312 says:

    Im a pimp …pimping hoe niggaz like you I got bankrow two the moon you never touched loumis

  5. Jay Theard says:

    IHey Glendon.. Man, Ive been progressing in the Bay Area since I scooped up the 3-book deal months back…I know this is off the subject ,but ” Atlanta is a very transitional area, the Fakery is out of control!” what was the title of that video? I LAUGHED MYSELF TO TEARS.. when you made that statement… let me know.. Peace from the Bay Area…Also Im ready to join the Tribe…with THE HUSTLER MINDSET PROJECT…

  6. nlandoutfitters says:

    Thanks for the Video,

  7. UtubeAdminSucksAss says:

    I love being sold to, when its done right.

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